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ShenBUQI® Heling

Introduction Professional Training Vicious Circle of Disturbance


shenbuqi introductie

This module is the general basic course. The ShenBUQI® system is the further development of the BUQI® system by Shen Zhengyu.

The doctrine of the Vicious Circle of Disturbance as the origin of energy disturbance forms the core of the ShenBUQI® training. After attending this introductory course, participants have a good understanding of the ShenBUQI® healing system and are able to promote the wellbeing of family and friends through the application of the techniques learned.

The following topics are discussed and dealt with:
- the theory of the Vicious Circle of Disturbance and the concept of binqi
- the importance of a good posture - physical, emotional and mental
- discovering and developing energy force
- using energy force to treat others
- ShenBUQI® treatment techniques to remove binqi from oneself and others
- grimace daoyin, traction daoyin, snake daoyin, chair daoyin, wall daoyin
- ShenBUQI® specific mantra
- construction and transfer of health information

Professional Training


Professional training is possible after following the introduction course.

The training to become a ShenBUQI® therapist consists of:
- Golden Dragon Daoyin, Five Animals Daoyin, Breath and Sound Daoyin, Lying Down Daoyin
- gaining a clear understanding of the fundamental theory of the ShenBUQI® system with a detailed review of the concept of the Vicious Cycle of Disturbance
- identifying and observing binqi whereby different techniques will be taught.
- learning the beneficial techniques and skills to first remove binqi from oneself and then from others
- transfer of health information
- practising in practice
- a training course
- taking a written test
- presenting a number of cases
- after obtaining the diploma, further training by attending master classes

Vicious Circle of Disturbance