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Wuxi Qigong 12 Meridians Qigong TaijiDan Qigong

WuXi Qigong


During simple movement exercises or standing postures, it is possible to already experience inner qi movement, which sometimes manifests itself through spontaneous body movement. The activation and harmonious co-operation of the three dantian, the spontaneous interaction between flows in the energetic body and physical body movements are studied.

The healing function of WuXi Qigong helps to break through the disturbing physically assumed postures, the disturbing emotionally repetitive reaction patterns and the disturbing mentally-spiritually assumed positions.

12 Meridians Qigong


An extensive network of different energy pathways permeates the physical body. The twelve main meridians form the basic network. This network is further strengthened by divergent, tendino-muscular and extra meridians, together with luovascular and cutaneous zones.

12 Meridians Qigong is a qigong approach to this energy system, in which the qi flow in the various main meridians is brought into balance. This balancing of the energies and energy flows at the right moment and in the right place in your body results in physical and energetic harmony. The knowledge and understanding of the successive flows of qi through this network forms the theoretical basis. The active approach to the meridian system and breaking the Vicious Circle of Disturbance go hand in hand. You learn to handle energy power and apply it optimally in your daily life. Emotional and mental harmony can arise.

TaijiDan Qigong

bird daoyin

In addition to the physical, emotional and mental changes you experience during each course offered by ShenBUQI® International, you are always confronted with an energetic event. You are introduced to qi and qi flow, to the Chinese approach to the energetic structure of which you are composed, to the awareness of energy force and its conscious handling in the body arts, the healing arts and the martial arts. This energetic structure is essentially always present in you. However, you are not so aware of it and therefore cannot handle it consciously.

In addition to the theoretical static representation of an inner happening, this reality is expanded into a dynamic moving experience and handling of energy and energy structures far beyond the body. Anchor points are necessary for this. Nei [內] means inside, Wai [外] means outside, Dan means pearl [丹]. The terms NeiDan [內丹 - inner pearl] and WaiDan [外丹 - outer pearl] are used in this context.