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You can meditate for many reasons. To relax, to become calm, to get rid of stress, to come to terms with yourself, to 'cope' with the present here and now, to be physically and mentally healthy, to obtain information, to gain insight, to develop latent powers, to develop spiritually, to become enlightened, to remember what you are, to ....

Both Buddhism and meditation include different approaches, teachings, interpretations, schools, movements, methods and techniques. Buddhist meditation, whatever the path followed, leads to individual spiritual development that is put at the service of fellow human beings. You find harmony within yourself and, as a conscious choice, bring this harmony outside yourself. Buddhist meditation adds something to the value of this life. It improves the quality of daily life; not only your own but also that of others.

The path to spiritual development begins in one's own body. Posture, breathing, sound and energy flow become elements of meditation. Quieting the mind, purifying the spirit, finding mental calm and inner peace form the necessary basis for further development. In a healthy body resides a healthy mind that is prepared to experience and understand its spiritual nature.

Buddha Akshobhya