The ‘YiJin’ is an old book with strengthening exercises. It is generally assumed that these exercises originate from the Indian monk Damu (Boddidharma). The earliest edition of the YiJin however may be traced back to the Ming dynasty.

The very short, simple exercises are easy to learn. Hereby much importance is attached to the different hand positions. This daoyin consist of nine exercises. The exercises are taught one by one and carried out at individual speed. Depending on the physical abilities of the practitioner, the exercises are performed more or less strongly. The YiJin Daoyin therefore are suitable for all people.

YiJin exercises are particularly useful for cleansing the energetic body. Especially people who have a largely sedentary lifestyle (at a desk behind computer or TV or in the car or on the couch) can greatly benefit from the YiJin Daoyin. The exercises counteract the negative effects of a sedentary and physically inactive life. The exercises are an excellent method for improving posture and correcting posture and joint problems. Binqi is removed.