The ShenBuqi System

Do you have a wish to live a long, healthy and happy life in harmony with oneself, fellowmen and nature?

From different perspectives, the ShenBUQI® System offers practical training courses to support this endeavor. Each course has its specific methods, properties, characteristics, course material and field of activity. The principles and objectives for each of these courses are ultimately the same. Taiji philosophy is the foundation.

Taiji puts emphasis on the development of the taiji forces and their application in daily life. This is mainly using a set of defined movements or stances.

Taiji Qigong seeks to develop the same taiji forces, for the purpose of self healing. It makes use of a very specific method and corresponding exercises.

Healing teaches the use of the developed taiji forces in therapeutic healing of others.

Daoyin Therapy includes a number of classical Chinese training systems which support self healing and therapeutic healing.

Meditation leads into a spiritual development. The purpose of which is to develop and create physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual balance and harmony.