Rooted in the ancient Chinese tradition, taijiquan was originally a martial art where one learned to use qi and taiji forces (taijijin) instead of muscle force. The developed taiji forces were used in the unarmed struggle to eliminate the opponent. Firearms caused a shift from martial applications to the same principles for use in healing. Taijiquan is now mostly taught with an emphasis on the health aspect.

The taiji forces are deployed for improving one’s own health. Practised in the right way, taijiquan can reduce the back pain caused by poor posture, promote the circulation of blood without straining the heart; increase flexibility of the body, give a better sense of balance and increase concentration.

By using the taiji forces in your daily life, you increase your own vital energy (your qi), you feel calmer and more confident. This leads to good physical health in combination with mental balance so the quality of life improves.