TaiJiJin – Taiji Force

Most people practise only the easy outside of the taiji form. The inner practise, the essence of taiji, is often neglected. The aim of the practice of taiji is the development of latent abilities that are present in man: the development of taiji forces ànd knowing how to apply these forces.

ShenBUQI® offers different paths to learn and practice: TaiJi – Taichi, Taiji – Qigong, ShenBUQI® Healing, Daoyin Therapy and Meditation.

Specific TaiJiJin courses offer the possibility to get a deeper insight into taiji. Aside from the inner practise of developing taiji forces it is necessary to get knowledge, to get correct theoretical ideas. When someone wants to get to a high level it is also necessary to have theoretical knowledge about TaiJi.