TaiJiGun – Pole

The stick, in its pure simplicity of nature, is the companion of monk and pilgrim, support to farmer and shepherd and a symbol of righteousness. In experienced hands, however, turns the stick into a formidable weapon.

The ever changing handles give the stick a very high mobility. The connectedness of the stick with your hands enables your body to move in balance as a whole. The length and the wide range of the stick develop mastery of your physical space and help extend the taiji forces outside the body.

The TaiJiGun form is based on the short form TaiJi37 NanPai Taijiquan.

This form is developed by Shen Zhengyu and contains practically no repeated elements. The form is taught with a medium long stick (ground to eyebrows). Beginners get to know, in a very practical way, different taiji forces. Advanced students have the possibility to deepen their knowledge and skills practising with the stick.