Taiji37 NanPai Stances

Practising any one of the 37 standing postures will lead to the activation of the dantian and the development of taiji forces (taijijin). If practising in the correct way, the student will experience spontaneous movement. This helps to cleanse and open the body’s energy channels and to activate the internal energy forces. The main taijijin to develop are vibration force, spontaneous movement force, and mental force. These forces find their application in martial arts, but another very important aspect is that they can be used for self-healing and the treatment of others.

Each of the 37 postures has its specific spontaneous movement, which manifests as a result of the appropriate mental attitude, the right level of concentration and a correct posture. The practise of developing taiji forces has a healing effect. The main reason is because it expels negative, illness causing factors (binqi). Taiji forces push the binqi out of the body through the meridians, which allows the qi to circulate freely again.