ShenBUQI Healing

The ShenBUQI® treatment system describes on one hand the definition of disease and the other hand how it can be treated. Binqi is the key word in the ShenBUQI® system. It is always present in man and stands for ‘residual product of metabolism’, that what the body should remove after digestion. As well as on a physical level we also produce binqi on an emotional and mental level. Binqi is considered as being a pathogenic factor. Accumulation of binqi in the body by the reduction of the natural removal process leads to disease.

A prolonged maintained wrong posture, as well as certain patterns of thinking and emotions, ultimately leads to disease. The use of taiji forces as healing arts is the key to treatment. This approach is fully developed in the concept of the double vicious circle of posture and mind (emotions and thoughts) and breaking them.

The most important treatment principle within the ShenBUQI® system consists of removing and expelling binqi out of the patient (therapy) and activating and restoring the natural elimination process (self-healing). The patient is also taught to break the double vicious circle of posture and mind and to expel binqi by additional daoyin therapy exercises.

The therapist is taught to protect themselves against receiving binqi from the patient.