Shen Zhengyu

Shen Zhengyu (Xinjiang °21/04/1965) is the son of Dr. Shen Hongxun and Dr. Xia Tingyu. He underwent the traditional Taiji training from father to son. As a child Shen Zhengyu also received taiji training from his grandfather Xia Zhixin. At an early age he became assistant of his father and thereby acquired a profound knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine. After achieving a diploma in the field of preventive medicine, he worked for several years in this discipline.

Shen Zhengyu followed his father to Belgium, where he has worked as an independent Taiji teacher since 1992. He is also the founder of the Taiji Center vzw and ShenBUQI®.

He developed the NanPai TaiJi37 Stick Form, reformed the Yang style Sword form into the NanPai TaiJi52 Sword Form and specialized in Qi-Pushing Hands, TianShan-Sanshou, Buqi Daoyin and Tuina Therapy. After being recognized as a successor for the lineage and this great work, Shen Zhengyu received intensive guidance, supervision and support and entered in the footsteps of his father.

Shen Zhengyu gives weekly lessons in Belgium as well as courses and workshops in Taiji37, Daoyin-Therapy and Buqi- training in Belgium, Norway, the Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom.