SanShou – Partner Form

SanShou was developed for and used during unarmed combat. Taiji37 NanPai Heaven Mountain SanShou is not a preparation for fighting. It is a learning tool to develop, to apply TaiJi skills even as a possible self-defense technique.

The presented form is a tool to get transmission of knowledge. The postures are from Taiji37 NanPai Taijiquan. This form has been developed by my father Dr. Shen Hongxun.

Training is done in a friendly way from the greatest respect for each others individuality. An appropriate response to incoming forces becomes the appropriate response at the appropriate time in the appropriate way at the right place. There is no opponent, no winner or loser, only the mutual development of better understanding and handling of taiji forces by the “partners in crime”.

During practice the well-being of the partner always comes first.