Lying Down Daoyin

The vertebral column carries all our body weight. Poor posture is often very burdensome for the spine and causes narrowing of the intervertebral spaces. Spinal problems are very common with far-reaching impact on health. Daoyin exercises contribute to improve body posture and breaking this vicious circle.

As a part of the Daoyin Therapy Dr. Shen Hongxun developed a series of exercises specifically for people who do not have enough strength or stamina to stand tall for a long time during the exercises.

Lying Down Daoyin allow them, despite their poor health, to experience the benefits of daoyin. But also healthy people benefit greatly when performing these exercises. Body weight does not need to be carried, and the muscles can more easily relax.

The exercises may then performed in a gentle way but very intensely. In the lying position the dantian is mainly activated by breathing strength and mental strength. Spontaneous movement force can arise. The energetic structure is cleansed and the energy flow improves.

These exercises work directly on the spine, opening each vertebra and intervertebral space and thereby restores the musculoskeletal system. The body functions improve. Flexibility and vitality is regained.

The lying down meditation supports the rediscovery of emotional and mental balance.

Lying Down Daoyin video

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