Healing Techniques

During health information transmission, the practitioner applies internal forces to particular areas of the patient’s body, in order to influence ther organs and other body systems.
The practitioner can choose from a variety of techniques in order to influence different body systems. These techniques can influence the nervous system, the hormonal system, the immune system, the nuclei of the intervertebral discs and the organs themselves.

Two treatment techniques are used: bu and xie
The function of a bu technique is to give health-information and activate the body systems. However, in ShenBUQI® Treatment System most of the techniques are xie techniques because of the importance of expelling binqi. The function of a xie technique is to expel binqi. It is also used to calm the nervous system and to quieten the mind.

Most techniques are hand techniques: open hand, transmission of heat information, transmission of downward binqi draining information, transmission of vibration force, transmission of spontaneous movement force, techniques with sword fingers, pulling techniques, etc.
Every hand technique is designed to prevent the practitioner from receiving binqi from the patient.

As extra protection the ShenBUQI® healer also learns specific exercises to expel binqi quickly and efficiently from their own body that might have been picked up from the patient.
There are also a few techniques whereby the foot is used.

Healing techniques are taught during the treatment of specific diseases.