Golden Light Meditation

The meditation ‘Dao of the Golden Light’ is an original form of meditation. Finding the Center of Mind, the place where all thought originates, is the main focus. Finding the Center of Mind brings true quietness and inner peace. Both Buddha Sakyamuni and Padmasambava have pointed to the importance of finding the Golden Light in this area.

Meditation is often seen as a way to cope with the stress caused by our modern society, however meditation is more than that. Meditation is an effective way to gain mental and physical balance.

Today teaching and practising meditation often overlooks the fundamental elements of posture and breathing. This is especially the case when meditation is mainly seen as a way to relax. Meditation based on the principles of the ‘Dao of the Golden Light’, is primarily a health-oriented meditation practice.

A correct posture is fundamentally important. Breathing and sound exercises are practised to expel binqi, to activate the dantians and to open the energy channels. Finding the Center of Mind is supported and guided. If done correctly, meditation nourishes the body and the mind. Meditation in the Center of Mind can help to change negative thought patterns, to gain mental and emotional stability and to improve health. Also, it is possible to see the Golden Light, thereby opening the door to spiritual development.