Dragon Daoyin

The Chinese dragon is a fantastic mythological creature. It is presented as a powerful animal with its head, its long neck, limbs and tail spiraling when it moves through the air.
The dragon dance to celebrate the traditional Chinese New Year celebrations is renowned worldwide. The colorful costumes and exotic dances provide a fascinating spectacle. The implementation, however, become a purely physical movement without inner strength.

The dragon dance inspired Dr. Shen Hongxun to develop nine exercises with spiral motion, which resulted in the creation of the Dragon Daoyin. The Dragon Daoyin consists of: the dragon awakens from hibernation, the dragon stretched its claws, the dragon wags its tail, the dragon leaves his lair, the dragon prays, the dragon plays with the pearl, the dragon playing with water, the dragon dances the dance of love, the dragon goes back into hibernation.

If one wants to reach an even higher level after opening the five channels and activating the three circulations, then one still needs to open the spiraling channels along the spine. These channels open when the internal force moves along the spine like two dragons, starting from the coccyx and moving through to the crown.

The spiral movements are very effective in correcting the spine, improve posture, activation of the dantian, cleaning and opening of the five channels and therefore have a harmonizing effect on physical and mental energy.