Dr. Shen Hongxun

Shen Hongxun (° Shanghai 08.08.1939 – 10.26.2011 + Zwalm), born into a eminent doctor family in Shanghai, was a son of Dr. Shen Derong and grandson of Shen Baotai. He became a doctor of western medicine combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Shen Hongxun had good teachers, good friends, and was in the right place at the right time. He acquired his Taiji BaPei knowledge through study with several renowned taiji masters such as Tian ZhaoLing, Yu and Lu Song Gao Jifu. Professor Yao Huanzi was his main teacher.

His medical knowledge and qi research led to the development of the Taijiwuxigong® system and the discovery of The Theory of the Double Vicious Circle. Through his spiritual training he reached the stage of a Lama, and was given the name Lama Fu Re. Taoist Hey Jingqing and Lama Fahai were his teachers.

The unique talent of Dr. Shen Hongxun led to a significant synthesis of the knowledge of so many lines. He developed the Heaven Mountain Taiijiquan form, a Buddhist-inspired approach to the Yang-style form combined with the insights of the Taijiwuxigong® system.

After the Taiji 37® training with Xia Zhixin this knowledge was elaborated on the various postures of Heaven Mountain Taijiquanvorm into the Taiji NanPai 37 Stances. Under his direction a short taijiquan form was developed putting together the knowledge and principles of both Heaven Mountain Taijiquan form and Taiji NanPai 37 Stances. This synthesis led to a renewal and revival of the NanPai Taijiquan.

His knowledge of employability of qi as a treatment and the use of ‘Empty Force’ was developed to The Buqi® healing system. Taiji 37® NanPai Taijiquan, Taijiwuxigong®, Buqi® Therapy, Daoyin Therapy, Qi-Pushing Hands, TianShan Sanshou and The Golden Light Meditation form the basis of his legacy.

In Shanghai Dr. Shen Hongxun met Dr. Xia Tingyu, daughter of Xia Zhixin. They married and had two children together, son Shen Zhengyu (°1965) and daughter Shen Xiaoli (°1973). Dr. Shen Hongxun and Dr. Xia Tingyu worked intensively together researching the use and deployment of qi in medical application. Also they published under the joint authorship their results.

Dr. Shen Hongxun was invited to Belgium in 1987 and was an international teacher in Europe and the United States until his death in October 2011. The family ties with China always remained very important for him.

More detailed information on Dr. Shen Hongxun can be found in his books and his autobiography on www.shenhongxun.org.