Double Vicious Circle

The teaching of the double vicious circle as the origin of disease forms the core of the ShenBUQI® Treatment System. Physical and mental stress together form two vicious circles that influence and enhance the development of binqi. This course focuses in depth on this teachings of the double vicious circle, its impact on our health and the development of the disease, with some specific health problems as examples.

Removing binqi is treating the consequences. Breaking these circles is a condition to treat the cause. Only then diseases can be treated effectively and health restored permanently. Physical habits do not change so quickly, it requires prolonged exercise.

Mastery of the thinking and releasing harmful emotions requires inner work. The critical view of the own thinking patterns and emotions is extremely important. Not uncommon they are the basic cause of persistent binqi. Breaking the vicious circle of emotions and thinking, releasing stored emotions and changing accepted thinking patterns is not easy.

Several exercises- and meditation-techniques are offered by the ShenBUQI® to support this process.