Making a diagnosis is not only naming a disease, but above all finding the cause.

The theoretical basis of the ShenBUQI® Treatment System is the double vicious circle. A prolonged poor body posture and/or negative emotions cause the formation of binqi. Because binqi leads to disease the removal of binqi is the main principle of the ShenBUQI® Treatment System. Before starting treatment, the location of binqi must be located. Different treatment techniques can then be used to expel binqi through the mai and the jin (channels and meridians) out of the body. The ShenBUQI® diagnosis therefore focuses mainly on the localization of binqi.

Several diagnostic techniques are taught:
- feel with the hands
- feel with the body
- use of the center of the mind
- use of cosmic information

During the course you will learn to diagnose using hand sensitivity and energetic expansion of the body. By using a meditation technique you can develop also the Center of Mind and use it to obtain cosmic information. This increases the ability to perceive binqi.

As a result of treatments they have previously undergone, patients already have an idea about their disease. To understand why others made this diagnosis, the ShenBUQI® therapist should have a basic knowledge of Eastern and Western medicine.