5 Animals Daoyin

For more than 2000 years ago people in ancient China discovered that they could promote their health by imitating the natural movements of different animals. Inspired by these ideas the famous doctor Hua Tuo designed the WuQingXi or the Five Animals Daoyin. This series of exercises are based on the typical movements of the tiger, deer, bear, monkey and bird. Originally the exercises were so powerful and intense that only those who had by nature already an extraordinary condition could perform them.

Dr. Shen Hongxun combined the original Five Animals Daoyin with his deep knowledge of Eastern and Western medicine and developed his own interpretation of this exercise system. He even added even a sixth animal: the penguin. The unique quality of Five Animals Daoyin, as designed by Dr. Shen Hongxun, lies in the use and development of internal forces. Each Animal Daoyin has its distinctive movement and area of application in the body.

The exercises create space in the joints, lengthen ligaments and muscles, prevent and correct bad body posture, remove binqi by shaking, strengthen, stretch and lengthen the spine, develop spontaneous movement force and use upward earth force combined with dantian force, breathing force and mental force. The energetic channels are cleaned and energy circulations are activated.

When practiced properly the Five Animal Daoyin therefore are a valuable tool for the preservation of a good health and the treatment of various health problems.

The intensity of these exercises is adjusted to the individual physical properties and skills without affecting the effectiveness.