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Welcome to the ShenBUQI® website.

Shen is my family name. Buqi refers to a healing method developed by my father Dr. Shen Hongxun.

ShenBUQI® stands for my involvement in the life’s work of my father and its further development and dissemination.

ShenBUQI® enables me to further investigate all aspects of his work, to explore, discover and pass it on with my own insight, vision and methodology.

ShenBUQI® has its roots in the southern school of taiji development, also called Taiji NanPai or Siming Pai. The development of taiji forces and their use in daily life is central. Taiji forces can be used therapeutically as offered and taught via the holistic ShenBUQI® healing system. During lessons and courses, the roots of Taiji, as originally used in combat, are also demonstrated.

Information and theory in this area are necessary to experience the full benefits of Taiji and are often missing in modern westernised Taiji. Regular training and practice are of course essential.

In this website you will find further information on lessons, courses and workshops.

Shen Zhengyu
Edegem Belgium
April 2013

The website project ShenBUQI International is completed.
Three interconnected websites in three different languages are available.
www.taijicentrum.org is Dutch/Flemish and especially mentioned for the region Netherlands and Flanders.
www.shenbuqi.com and www.buqifrance.fr are intended for English and French speaking users.
A fourth website www.shenhongxun.org in English is dedicated to my father and master Dr. Shen Hongxun.
I would particularly like to thank Tom, Jan and Jef for this achievement.

Shen Zhengyu
Edegem, 19 Nov 2014